BW Software - Privacy Policy


BW Software product PlayMaker Pro does not transmit any data to BW Software. That includes PlayMaker Pro for Macintosh, Windows and iOS. We do not gather any personal information with our products.

iOS is the operating system used by Apple Computer's iPhone and iPad products.

PlayMaker Pro

PlayMaker Pro drawings are stored in PlayMaker Pro documents on your computer. You determine where those documents are stored.

PlayMaker Pro for Windows and Macintosh also enable you to create a template library. Templates are used to build documents faster. The Macintosh library is stored in the application's sandbox container. The Windows library is historically stored in the same folder as the PlayMaker Pro application. Recent versions of Windows actually store it somewhere else. You can export it to back it up.

PlayMaker Pro for Apple Macintosh is able to record sound so you can add verbal instructions to a presentation video. You will be prompted for permission to use the microphone. Apple's text editor that is used by PlayMaker Pro for Macintosh can listen to your voice so you can dictate text that can be stored as text in a PlayMaker Pro document.

Purchase Information

PlayMaker Pro can be purchased from Apple's Macintosh and iOS App Stores. The only data we see from Apple is the quantity of products sold. We don't see your name or any personal information when you purchase our products from Apple's App Stores.

PlayMaker Pro for Windows or Macintosh can be purchased from our web store at this web site. The web store will gather your name, contact information, billing address, credit card numbers and shipping information. Your credit card will be processed by PayPal. We never see your complete credit card numbers. We do keep a database of customer information primarily to determine if you are a valid licensee when you call for support or upgrades.