Draw Player Symbols

Player Symbols

You create a Play to add a set of players to a page. Depending on the sport (football, basketball, soccer, or hockey), this adds (22, 10, 22, or 12) player symbols to the page. The offense can be drawn below or above the defense. Any player can be represented by any of the following 20 player symbols:

PlayMaker Pro Player Symbols

You can change the letters in symbols that use letters, although you are limited to 2 letters per player.

You can make some players invisible to hide the offense or the defense. This is also useful for football teams with less than 11 players (8 man football).

You can adjust the size of player symbols. Use small symbols for your playbook, and large symbols when you draw play cards.

PlayMaker Pro Player Size

Highlight players with color for drill cards or team presentations.

PlayMaker Pro Player Colors

Rotate players to show that they are not facing north or south at the beginning of a play. This works best with boxes and triangles.

PlayMaker Pro Rotated Player Symbols