Draw Faster with PlayMaker Pro

Drawing your first play using a computer will not be all that fast. You save time by reusing your work. PlayMaker Pro provides several ways to do this.

Revise existing drawings and then print them out.

If you're working by hand and a drawing needs revision, you throw it away and start over. With PlayMaker Pro, you can edit an existing drawing, delete some elements, and then add new ones and print the result. That's much faster than starting from scratch.

Duplicate a drawing to create a new one.

Many of your plays are similar. With PlayMaker Pro you can duplicate a play, position it on the page, and change the elements that make it unique.

Create Mirror Image Plays

Plays can be reversed about the center or flipped about the line of scrimmage. To create the left hand version of a right handed play, just duplicate and reverse the duplicated play.

PlayMaker Pro Play Left
PlayMaker Pro Play Right
Left Handed Play
Right Hand Version of Same Play

Build templates of often used play elements in PlayMaker's Library

Copy a whole page to the Library to create a page layout template.

Copy players to the Library to build formation templates. PlayMaker Pro remembers the position of those players with respect to the center. You can apply a formation to another play to quickly reposition players. Works for offense and defense. Use your own terminology to name your formation templates.

Create Categories (submenus) within the Library menu to organize your templates so you can find them quickly.

Quickly build new playbook pages and handouts from your templates.

Duplicate and Enlarge Plays to make drill cards

Create a new landscape document for drill cards. Copy a play from your playbook, and paste it into the drill card document. Then have PlayMaker Pro "Enlarge" the play to drill card size instead of redrawing a large play from scratch.

Change Drawing Element Attributes with Popup Menus

Just right click on the element (players, lines, boxes or text) that you want to change.

PlayMaker Pro Player PopupPlayMaker Pro Line PopupPlayMaker Pro Box Popup

PlayMaker Pro Text Popup