Draw Boxes


PlayMaker's box tool lets you add boxes to your drawing. Draw boxes to organize a page.

PlayMaker Pro Boxes

Boxes can have dividers to separate space into columns and rows.

PlayMaker Pro Dividers

Boxes can be Player Notes with an appropriate number of rows for football, basketball, hockey or soccer.

PlayMaker Pro Player Notes

Depending on the sport, boxes can contain yard lines with hash marks (high school, NCAA, and NFL), full court or half court basketball courts (high school, NCAA & NBA), soccer fields, or hockey rinks (NCAA & NHL). Yard line numbers are optional for football fields. Canadian football fields are 110 yards long.

PlayMaker Pro Football FieldPlayMaker Pro Basketball Court

PlayMaker Pro Hockey RinkPlayMaker Pro Soccers Field

Boxes can also be filled with colors to show zones, or brighten up a presentation. You can also put light colored text in front of a dark box, like the "Western" end zone shown below.

PlayMaker Pro Football Field Color