PlayMaker Pro & Hudl Presentations

Hudl Gold and Hudl Platinum users can create presentations with graphics and video for their players. They can import PowerPoint documents and Image files including JPEG and PNG files for those presentations. The following graphic was borrowed from Hudl's website and illustrates Hudl's import function:

Hudl Import

PlayMaker Pro users (Macintosh and Windows) can export JPEG and PNG files that can be imported as Image files by Hudl.

The following play was drawn with PlayMaker Pro Football for Macintosh and exported as a PNG file.

PNG Example

PNG Example

You should be able to drag the play from this window to your Macintosh or Windows desktop and import it into Hudl's presentation product. Please give it a try.

The following graphic is the JPEG version of the same play. It also was producted by PlayMaker Pro Football for Macintosh. It looks OK - but not as sharp, because JPEG was invented to compress photographs instead of computer graphics. We recommend you export as PNG for the best results.

JPEG Example

JPEG Sample

You should also be able to drag the JPEG graphic to your desktop and import it into a Hudl presentation.