Game Data Live - Hudl Data Export

You can export play data from Game Data Live and import it into Hudl. All of the data shown below was imported into Hudl from Game Data Live.

Game Data Live Hudl Data Example

Game Data Live provides a text file export for game data. The text file is a Comma Separated Values (CSV) text data file that you can upload using Hudl's browser interface. You can email or AirDrop the data file to your desktop computer and upload it to Hudl from there. Using Hudl's browser interface, you'll find the Import Data command under the More... menu.

Hudl Data upload

Once your video and data are uploaded to Hudl, they should look something like this:

Hudl Data / Video Matchup

Check the check boxes near the data and the video and then click on the Match command.

You can also import the Hudl CSV data file into Hudl's Windows based editor. While you are in a game in the Windows Editor, type Control Shift I to import the CSV data file.

Custom fields can also be uploaded to Hudl, just set your custom field titles to : Formation, Formations, Off Form, Play, Off Play, Def Front, Blitz, Coverage, Personnel or Motion. Those names are case insensitive.

When your game in Game Data Live has one video clip per play - its very easy to upload those same camera clips to Hudl, export and upload the play data and match them up again within Hudl.

We upload to Hudl using the following methodology :

  1. Set the Camera Clock the same as the iPad Clock before the game.

  2. Enter Play Data during the Game.

  3. Import your MPEG-4 game video into the iPad Photos App (takes 2 or 3 minutes)

  4. Start uploading the same video to Hudl using Mercury

  5. Import the video from the Photos App into Game Data Live (takes 10 seconds).
    Video and data are synchronized based on their create times.

  6. Adjust the data to get one video clip per play (takes a few minutes)

    1. Plays with multiple video clips appear in Red
    2. Use the Find A Play Without Video command
    3. Press and hold on a clip to move it to the next or previous play

  7. Export the data from Game Data Live and upload it into Hudl using your desktop computer

  8. Wait for Hudl Mercury to finish uploading video (15 minutes)

  9. Match the data and video in Hudl (10 seconds)